Do Smoothies Make You Poop? Yes They Can, And Here’s Why


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Do smoothies make you poop? Most people seek the answer to this question when they start incorporating smoothies into their diet. The majority of people expect a multitude of positive results, including fewer illnesses, increased energy, better health, and weight loss.

What they don’t see coming is the frequent pooping.

Do Smoothies Make You Poop?

To answer the question, “do smoothies make you poop?” we need to understand what happens in your body when you start taking more smoothies than usual.

Your body takes some time to adjust to diet changes, and this includes smoothies. Therefore, it’s normal for you to experience a difference in bowel movements as your digestive system adapts to your dietary changes.

Some people may experience constipation, and others may experience diarrhea. However, with time, your digestion will even out and get used to the healthier diet.

But what exactly causes these different reactions? Let’s find out.

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The power of a green smoothie

The majority of people who ask, “do smoothies make you poop?” take green smoothies. And it makes sense because green smoothies have two vital components for bowel regularity and healthy digestion: water and fiber.

Fiber and water increase bulk in the stool and keeps it soft for smooth bowel movements. However, there must be a balance between the amount of fiber and water you take because fiber cannot improve intestinal regularity on its own. Otherwise, you may end up experiencing constipation.

Everyone reacts differently

You should expect some changes in your bowel movements when you’ve been drinking smoothies regularly. However, you should know that everyone’s body responds differently to smoothies.

Besides, several factors like how often you’re taking the smoothies may also play a role in the changes you experience.

For instance, some people experience improved digestion and reduced constipation after only a few days of taking smoothies. Others may take a few weeks to notice any differences in their bowel movements.

And if you’ve been suffering from constipation for years, it may even take longer for you to notice a difference. The reason? Your intestines need time to heal and recover normal muscle tone.

Smoothies and constipation

In most cases, those who aren’t asking, “do smoothies make you poop?” ask “do smoothies cause constipation?” Again, people react differently to smoothies.

One person may be enjoying the smooth release of stool, and another person may be struggling to get it out. The unlucky may have to keep running to the bathroom because they have a terrible case of diarrhea (no one wants to be that guy).

But why would a smoothie cause constipation?

As we mentioned earlier, two things contribute to healthy bowel movements; water and fiber. Therefore, if your smoothies lack fiber from vegetables and fresh fruits, you’re more likely to constipate due to insufficient fiber to move the stool.

It’s also possible to experience constipation if you’re taking in too much fiber and not enough water to balance it out.

When you start drinking smoothies, your intestines must adjust to the influx of water and fiber before you regain regular bowel movements. It’s for this reason that some people feel like their constipation is getting worse even after taking fiber-rich smoothies.

Are Smoothies Good for You?

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Now that we’ve answered the question do smoothies make you poop, you’re also probably wondering if smoothies are good for you.

Yes. Smoothies are great for your health and excellent for your digestive system. But not just any smoothie. Smoothies with ingredients like honey, maple syrup, dairy products, oats, and fruits, may not be the best for you. Such ingredients contain too much sugar.

For this reason, it’s crucial to get the ingredients right to reap the benefits of smoothies. Excessive fat and sugar will only affect your health negatively.

So let’s find out how to make a healthy smoothie.

Choose sweeteners wisely

You probably already know that too many sweeteners in smoothies (and any other food) is unhealthy. But like most people, you might think that sugar is harmful only when it comes from unhealthy sources like ice cream, pudding mix, and chocolate syrups, among others.

But this isn’t the case. Even when you’re using natural sweeteners, it’s possible to add too much that it makes your smoothie unhealthy.

So how do you achieve the right amount of sweetness without compromising your health?

The best way is to opt for fruits with low sugar content like berries in their frozen variety. Doing so allows you to achieve thick and frosty smoothies without having to add sweeteners.

that some people feel like their constipation is getting worse even after taking fiber-rich smoothies.

Don’t forget the greens

Adding greens to your smoothie is the fastest way to make it healthy. Greens will not only leave you asking ” do smoothies make you poop?” but also give you the benefit of increased nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber.

And if you’re worried about your green smoothie becoming too bitter, you can mask the taste by adding a few fruits that are low in sugar and some nuts. A few tablespoons of lemon juice will also add some tartness that masks the bitter taste. You can use a juicer, like this one, to make fresh lemon juice, by the way.

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Include some fats and proteins

When preparing your smoothie, it’s also essential to include some healthy fats and proteins into your drink to make it even healthier.

One of the power ingredients you can add to your smoothie is chia seeds. These seeds not only thicken your beverage but also introduce proteins, fat, and fiber.

For essential amino acids, consider adding pea or whey protein because they’re easy to digest and very healthy. Greek yogurt is also an excellent source of protein.

And for an added dose of vitamins, you can add a slice of avocado. They’re rich in nutrients like potassium, Vitamin B complex, and antioxidants. Not to mention, avocados are also rich in vitamins.

Store-bought: yay or nay?

There’s no doubt that buying smoothies is convenient and hassle-free. Besides, you can get one any time you wish without having to chop up anything.

While store-bought smoothies offer a lot of convenience in terms of preparation, they’re not the best option when you’re trying to incorporate healthier smoothies into your diet.

In most cases, it’s challenging to know which ingredients they used to make the smoothies and whether or not they added healthy sweeteners. The only way to be sure is to make your own.

And if you’re worried you don’t have the right juicer for the job, I would recommend Chulux two-cup smoothie maker. It’s a powerful blender that will get your smoothie ready in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, it’s portable so you can take it everywhere with you, so you never miss a drink.

Try different recipes

Let’s face it, drinking the same green smoothie every day can get boring really fast. But if you want to reap the health benefits of smoothies, you can’t afford to quit.

So what do you do when your taste buds are no longer interested in your favorite smoothie? The trick is to switch things up. Try different recipes every day or every other day to get some variety.

And don’t forget to keep your sweeteners in check and maintain a healthy balance of fats, proteins, and vitamins. If you do this, you should enjoy drinking smoothies for a long time.

Is It Okay to Take a Green Smoothie Every Day?

Green Smoothie

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Most people who ask, “do smoothies make you poop?” often also want to know how often they should take smoothies.

Most people are concerned about taking too many greens in the form of smoothies. That fear might be because there have been cases where people have landed in the hospital for overconsumption of greens like bok choy.

Like most things, fiber, if consumed in excess can cause bloating, excess gas, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, poor absorption of nutrients, and in rare cases intestinal blockage. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure you’re eating the recommended amount every day.

According to Medical News Today, the recommended fiber intake for an adult woman is 25 grams a day, 38 grams a day for adult men, 21 grams and 30 grams for women and men aged 50 and above respectively, and 28 grams per day for lactating mothers.

As long as you’re staying within the recommended range, you can take your smoothie every day. It may also help to vary your ingredients so that you’re not taking too much of anything.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the answer to “do smoothies make you poop?” To recap, you’ll mostly notice a difference in your bowel movements if your smoothie is rich in fiber and water. It’s also possible to experience diarrhea and increased constipation before your body adjusts to the dietary changes. So don’t be scared when you’re running to the bathroom more frequently. It’s just your body’s way of saying things are okay.

Have you experienced changes in your bowel movements after taking smoothies consistently? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers.

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